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Otis B Jewelry is a small, women owned business located in New Jersey. Our friendly & energetic staff is dedicated to creating pieces that we would be proud to wear ourselves and we are meticulous in selecting the highest quality gems and crystals for your order.  We have enjoyed over 15 years on Etsy and are so excited to be launching our own website.  Thank you so much, as always for your continued support, love, positivity & enthusiasm for our business!

All items are handmade and shipped from New Jersey.

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Private Jewelry Event Reservation

This per-person deposit is non-refundable, however, it will be subtracted from your individual jewelry purchase. Please be as accurate as possible, so we can plan accordingly. Scroll down to description for details.

Permanent Jewelry Appointment

We are located in the South Jersey/Philadelphia Metro area and are now taking in-person appointments for permanent jewelry! The entire appointment should take about 30 min. This booking fee is non-refundable, however it will be applied to your final jewelry purchase, due at the time of the fitting. Prices include the chain and welding procedure. (Bracelet $48, Anklet $58, Necklace $70)

Shell Customizable Name Necklace

Mother of Pearl
$26.25 $35.00
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How To Wear A Lariat

One of our most popular styles is one that constantly seems to mystify our clients because this necklace has NO CLASP!
But calm down, it’s OK! The solution to a secure necklace is very simple. 
Just loo...

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About Our Gemstones, Pearls and Leaves

All stones & pearls used in our designs are 100% natural. The images in the item descriptions are a fair representation of the stones/pearls you will receive, however, the stones/pearls are not resin ...

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Jewelry Care

At Otis B, we use 100% sterling silver.  Sterling silver is prone to tarnish over time.  However, this does not mean your jewelry is damaged or faulty in any way.   Tarnish is easily removed!  Use t...

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How To Use Memorial Jewelry

❤️‍🩹Sensitive Content Warning❤️‍🩹
A couple of years ago we lost our precious little bunny, Pearl, during what was supposed to be a standard procedure at the vet, we miss her everyday and still talk a...

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How to Measure for a Bracelet

Here’s how to ensure you order bracelets that FIT properly! Also make sure to always pay close attention to item details and descriptions to see if what you’re ordering is adjustable or not.   Mos...

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