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How is my order made?  

All our items are made to order, meaning we make them after you place your order. We do have some best sellers that are constantly being produced by one of our Assemblers, but the majority is not.  We are located in South Jersey, USA and your items are made by hand, included the wire wrapping of the gemstones and the stamping of initials.

Do you use real silver and gold? 

Yes, we only use Sterling Silver or Gold-filled components.  This includes the chain, wire, clasp components and the charms (unless otherwise noted in the actual listing).   The silver may or may not be stamped with .925 because we buy all of our hardware in very large quantities, but they are indeed Sterling and safe for all jewelry wearers and hypo-allergenic.   The term gold-filled means that it is a solid layer of pure gold (14k) bonded to a base of metal such as brass, but wears like solid gold.  It is also hypo-allergenic and safe for jewelry wearers.  There are a few components that we use that are unavailable in gold and we have substituted a high polish bronze or a vermeil piece instead, it will be clearly stated in the listing when these are used.


What is vermeil? 

Vermeil means gold plating over sterling silver.  Vermeil is still hypo allergenic because it is sterling silver in the middle and 14k gold on the outside. 


What is tarnish?

Tarnish is a naturally occurring chemical reaction on the surface of some precious metals that is caused by exposure to oxygen and hydrogen sulfide.   It is a very thin film or coating that forms on the surface.  All jewelry comes in contact with air, and hydrogen sulfide is found in paper like the boxes and paper your jewelry is shipped in.  Humidity makes silver tarnish even faster, making the summer months very difficult to ship silver jewelry without it tarnishing enroute. There is nothing that will completely prevent tarnishing, but we do the best we can to help you minimize it on your jewelry, by enclosing the anti-tarnish bags and during the summer the black tabs that absorb some humidity.  Finding tarnish on your silver is 100% proof that it is indeed sterling silver, and tarnish does not mean your jewelry is faulty, and it is not a valid reason for a return or exchange. 


How do I remove tarnish?

It is very easy to remove! Simply wipe or lightly rub the surface of the jewelry with the complimentary polishing cloth we include with every order.  You will see the dark color come right off onto the cloth.  Save the polishing cloth for touch-ups in the future as well.   If for some reason the cloth doesn’t remove it to your satisfaction you may use any silver polish cream (such as Wrights Silver Polish), follow their instructions, and it will come off immediately.


How can I prevent tarnish if I am saving the jewelry to give as gifts?

We highly recommend waiting to have your order delivered until three weeks before it is needed.  This is why we ask for your event date in checkout. Here is the best way to keep your jewelry looking bright before gifting:  Remove it from the box.  Store it in the special anti-tarnish baggie provided and if possible, inside another sealed plastic bag with the air squeezed out.  Place it back into the boxes just before you plan to present it.   If an order is shipped and then sits untouched for months, tarnish may occur.  This is a natural chemical reaction to the surrounding air and happens with even the most expensive designer sterling silver jewelry, not just ours. For this reason we always try to schedule wedding orders to ship about three weeks before the date they are needed by so the jewelry is not sitting for lengthy periods of time.   We always make your order with brand new hardware and ship them immediately after they are assembled.  A ship date close to your event, will give the silver less opportunity to tarnish in the box.


Are the gemstones and pearls real?

Absolutely.  We use 100% all natural gemstones, which also means they are subject to some natural flaws and inclusions.  No two stones are identical they vary slightly in size and shape; however, earring pairs are hand selected to be as close a match as possible.  Please be advised that these are not "sub par" by any stretch, just unique and beautiful, the way nature made them.  We also use genuine Swarovski crystals on some pieces, and the listing will clearly state if these are used instead of gemstones.  Our pearls are hand-picked by our designers but are also subject to some natural growth marks.  We only purchase high quality pearls, but again they are made by nature, and no two will be identical. 

How are the initial charms made?

All charms are hand stamped (or hammered), in house, by two trained stamping professionals. The impressions are created by hammering an iron stamp onto a blank charm with a brass head mallet against a solid steel block.  Please note that there will be a slight impression on the opposite side of the charm- this impression is a naturalbyproduct of the stamping process and not in any way a flaw in your jewelry.  For this reason we cannot stamp initials on both sides of the charms. Hand stamped jewelry is not to be confused with laser engraved jewelry; the letters and words are not lined up and spaced by a machine.  Each letter is done one at a time, placed and hammered by hand.  While we do strive for absolute perfection in spacing and alignment, there will naturally be some slight variations.


What are the leaf pendants made out of?

Our leaf supplier starts with actual green leaves that are electroplated in copper to preserve the vein and shape details, then they are plated in either sterling silver or 24k gold.  Leaves are hand-picked for consistency in shape and size, but no two leaves will ever be the same.  These are natural products! Please keep this in mind when purchasing large quantities; they will not be identical!  The same holds true for sets of earrings.  We search our entire stock to find the best match pair of leaves for each set of earrings we create. 


How many initial charms can I have on my bracelet/necklace/anklet?

Each item description will state up to how many initials are includedin the price given.  You do not have to use all of them! (If the listing includes 4 initials and you only need 1 or 2) However, we don’t refund you if you don’t use all of them; you are still only being charged the base price of the item.  There is an option of adding more initials to your item at the bottom of the listing and you will be charged for each one that is added in addition/over the allotted amount.  Granted, we will put as many initials on an item as you request and pay for (as long as the components can accommodate it), but some of the designs look best as they are shown.  **Please bear in mind that adding a significant amount of charms to an item will change how it looks or hangs when it is worn.**  When the number of initials exceeds the included amount, the design of the jewelry piece may need to be altered slightly, or initials positioned differently, to keep the piece balanced.  These minor modifications will be at the discretion of the lead designer if the buyer does not indicate any design preferences.


How many initials can I have on each charm?

We have several different sizes of charms that we use for specific pieces of jewelry.  Normally, we can only fit one or two letters on each charm.  In some cases we will offer charms that call for 2 initials and we place an ampersand (&) in between them, this size can accommodate 3 characters.  If the listing does not offer 2 initials per charm as you would like, you may make a note in the Instructions box in checkout and we will try to accommodate your request.  If we cannot, we will contact you and work something out that you would be happy with.


How can I add more initials or stones to a piece of jewelry?

There are options after each item listing that can accommodate extra initials and stones. These can be added after you select Buy Now for the main item, then stay on the same item pageand select the Additional Initial or stone options and hit Buy Now after each additional one you want.  **This is the best way to add an initial because it will be directly linked to the item you purchase it for**

If you would like to add an initial or stone to an item that does not offer Add-ons, you will find them under our Specialty Items category under Extras & Add-ons.  Select your options carefully and be specific about what item they will be attached to because we have several different shapes and sizes of charms and stones.


I already own a piece of Otis B jewelry; can I add an initial to it?

Yes! Under Specialty Items, in our Extras & Add Ons category you will find a listing to purchase just an initial.  It is imperative that you answer the questions and make the selections accurately so that the new charm will match the size and shape of the charms already on your item.  You must click ‘Buy Now’ after each selection if you want to purchase more than one initial.  Each one will come with a small jump ring.   To attach it to your jewelry, gently spread the ring apart just enough to slide it onto the chain or component. Then gently squeeze it back closed. This is best done with small jewelry pliers, but needle-nose pliers or tweezers will work as well. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, we would be happy to attach the initial for you.  Please see the question below about alterations for instructions on mailing an item to us.  You are responsible for the shipping costs to send it to us, but the purchase of the initial will include a shipping charge which will cover sending the finished item back to you once the initials is attached.


How will my jewelry be packaged?

All our jewelry items arrive ready to gift!  We use sturdy jewelry boxes tied up with satin ribbon and secured with a box tag.  Every item is presented on our standard Otis B card (with the ribbon design as seen in the photos), in a 2.25” x 3.5” box.  Long chains will be secured inside an anti-tarnish bag behind the card to reduce the possibility of tangling in transit.  When we refer to Display Cards, we are speaking of our message, bridal and custom worded cards.  These cards will come in larger 3.5”x 3.5” boxes.  Each package we ship will come with a Jewelry Care packet, which includes jewelry care instructions and a complimentary polishing cloth.  These are a gift to our customers and only one is included, regardless of number of items purchased.  You can purchase more under our Extras & Add Ons category. 


Ordering, Payments and Promotions:

If I order multiple items, how can I tell what’s in each box when they arrive?

Each box, regardless of size, will come with a box tag securing the ribbon.  Under the box tag will be written the type of item inside, or if they are similar, then the initial or stone on the item inside.  The larger boxes hold the message cards, the smaller ones hold the standard cards.

Can I purchase just the display cards and/or jewelry boxes?
No.  Our display card designs are the exclusive property of Otis B Jewelry and created especially for our products.  It is a crime to copy or reproduce our designs for personal use, and copying our designs is strictly prohibited.

How can I add a display card to my order?

At the bottom of each listing is the option to Add a Display Card.  Once the original item has been added to your cart, return to that same listing and add that Display Card item to your cart as well, after selecting the specific wording you want from the drop down menu.  If you have placed multiple items in your cart, and you want to go back and add a card for one of them, simply return to the item listing you want the card for and add that Display Card option at the bottom of that page.  This will ensure that it is linked to the item you want packaged with it.

 How can I change the wording on a Display Card?

If you would like the Display card to say something different than what is offered, simply use the Custom Display Card item.  Use the text box to write in exactly what you would like it to say.  If it is similar to a card we already have, we will use the same graphics for the custom card.  If not, our designer will use her discretion, unless you state a preference.  Spacing and font will be at the designers’ discretion.  Custom cards are presented in the larger 3.5” x 3.5” boxes and secured with a ribbon and box tag just like our other message cards.  There is no extra charge for multiple copies of the exact same custom card, just the initial $10 fee, as long as the card is exactly the same.  If you would like the same custom card for more than one item in your cart, please enter the exact information in each Custom Card box and add it to your cart like you normally would.  In the Message to Otis B at checkout, please ask for a refund for duplicate custom cards and we will process that for you.  Our message cards are professionally printed, therefore adding a name to an existing message card design is still considered a Custom card and will need to be made by our designer.

 *We cannot alter the circle tag on the outside of the box.


Can I get a different display card for each item I purchase?

Yes.  For each item you want displayed on a card, you must purchase the Add a Display Card option at the bottom of thatparticular item listing.  This can be done immediately after you place the jewelry item in your cart or at any time before you checkout, as long as you return to the jewelry listing itself and add the item at the bottom of that page.  This will ensure that the display card is linked to the piece of jewelry you want it packaged with.


How can I get a discount for purchasing multiples of the same item?

Yes, quantity discounts are built right in.  Once you add more than 3 of the same item to your cart, you will see the price adjustment.  In each listing, just above the Buy Now button you will see the discount price listed for quantities of 3 to 5 and for 5 or more.  **Please contact us at Sales@OtisBJewelry.com  if you would like to purchase 10 or more of the same item and we will give you a further discount.**

Are there discounts for large orders?

We only offer discounts for purchasing multiples of the sameitem.  Please see the question above.  Keep an eye out for additional discount codes on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for our Newsletter on the home page to learn about sales!

What methods of payment do you take?

We accept PayPal (which can be used even if you are not a registered user of PayPal), Visa, Discover, Mastercard. 

PayPal is one of the most secure forms of sending payments to online retailers.  They are a global company that provides secure transactions.  We never see any of your credit card numbers or account information; PayPal collects the funds, and then transfers them to us.

 Do you charge sales tax?

Yes, New Jersey residents are charged 7% sales tax.

 Do you sell gift cards/certificates?

Yes! Under our Specialty Items; Extras & Add-ons category.  We only sell virtual gift card at this time; we will be adding actual gift cards soon!  A virtual gift card is a code that is emailed to you, or the person you are gifting it to.  You will receive an email receipt, and the recipient of the gift card will receive an email containing the amount on the card and the code.  The card code can then be entered at checkout acting like a credit card.   If you do not use the entire balance, anything left will remain on the card.  These do not expire.  You can check your code balance at any time on our site.

Do you take wholesale orders?

Yes, for those who have a resale license, please contact us us at Custom@OtisBJewelry.com for details and options.


Processing, Shipping and Returns:

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Our normal processing time is 4-7 business days to create your order and put it in the mail. You can select the method of delivery at checkout (First Class/Priority/Express), which will determine how long your order will be in transit. Most orders can be shipped out fairly quickly, but in our peak seasons (May-June and Nov-Dec) it will take a little longer because of the sheer volume of orders being processed.   If there is any information missing from your order, you have special requests, or you need to be contacted to clarify or confirm anything about your order it will delay processing and production of your items.  Please be as specific as possible and leave instructions in the Message to Otis B at checkout if needed.

When will I get my order?

Once your order is placed in the mail, then it depends on where you are located and what shipping method you selected.  We exclusively use United States Postal Service, and we are shipping from southern New Jersey.

  • Domestic First Class provides delivery within 3 to 7 days. Includes tracking information.
  • Domestic Priority provides delivery within 2 to 3 days for most states. Includes tracking information and insurance.
  • Domestic Express provides overnight delivery to most US locations; Monday - Saturday. Includes tracking information and insurance.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes!  Again, it depends on where you are located and what shipping method you selected.  We exclusively use United States Postal Service, and we are shipping from southern New Jersey.

  • International First Class provides delivery that may take 1 to 6 weeks.
  • International Priority provides delivery may take 1 to 4 weeks.
  • International Express provides delivery that will take 7 to 10 days. This is the only International method that includes tracking information, and guaranteed delivery.

International packages may be held at your local post office for custom/duty fees.  Please check your local post office to be sure your package is not there before contacting us.  International First Class and Priority can only be tracked within the US, once they leave the country they are not traceable.  We have no control over packages once we leave them in the hands of the Postal Service.  

A note about Customs:  International customers are responsible for all fees imposed, including import taxes, customs duties, and fees levied by the buyer's country. These are NOT extra postage fees, and we are not responsible for these fees.  Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays of weeks or months. All international orders will have full value declared on customs forms - no exceptions. We mark items as merchandise on customs forms – no exceptions.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes, all Priority and Express orders mailed within the US are automatically insured. Priority packages are insured up to $50, Express are insured up to $100.  International First Class and Priority are NOT insured.  International Express is insured up to $200. 

What if my package gets lost/stolen in the mail? 

If your package does not arrive within the time frame stated, or arrives damaged/opened with items missing, you must file a claim with your local post office.  You may use the tracking number listed in the shipping confirmation email you were sent. We are not responsible for packages once they are in the hands of the Postal Service.  We package our items well to prevent damage during transit, but we cannot control the environment, package handling or where the item is left.  This is the responsibility of USPS.  Items are insured to protect you from loss.  When you file a claim with USPS, you are collecting money on an insurance claim, we are not issuing a refund.  Here is the link to the USPS website: https://www.usps.com/ship/file-domestic-claims.htm

How can I make a return?

You must contact us for a Return Authorization number prior to sending anything to us. Returns without an RA number will not be accepted.  Please see our policies on Returns at the bottom of the home page. The first step is to submit a Return Request which is found under your Account-My Orders.  There will be a button next to the item you are asking to return.  If your request is approved you will be given the appropriate return address at that time, along with your RA number.  Returned items must be received back to us in the same condition in which it was shipped.  Please be careful to package the item so as to avoid chain tangling, broken stones or any other damage that could occur during shipment. Secure the ends of necklaces and bracelets outside the anti-tarnish bags included or a Ziplock bag so they don’t become tangled.  We recommend using a bubble mailer like it was shipped in, or wrap it in bubble wrap or protect it somehow before putting it in a small box or envelope.  You may send an item back to us using USPS First Class, and we encourage you to get Delivery Confirmation to track it during transit. We are not responsible for the package until it reaches us.


What if I change my mind about an order I received?

If your item is unworn, and is not personalized, you are welcome to submit a Return Request.  You may be issued store credit or a refund. Refunds will be minus shipping and a 15% restocking fee.   This restocking fee is to cover the labor and materials involved in creating your order and processing the return.  Occasionally we are able to reuse some of the components from an unworn returned item, but sometimes we cannot. 

Can I return a custom order?

No.  Custom orders are not returnable, unless there has been an error.  Custom means anything that has initials or gemstone choices that have been selected.  PLEASE NOTE there will be a slight impression on the opposite side of the letter charms and this impression is a natural byproduct of the stamping process and not in any way a flaw in your jewelry.  The stones we use are natural gemstones and may have the occasional inclusion; pearls may have slight growth marks; leaves may not be exactly uniform.  These are all products created by nature, not us.  Variations in these items are not grounds for returns.

This also applies to purchases of 4 or more completed items; with or without personalization. Due to the time and effort required to produce larger orders, and the various hands involved, we have enacted this policy. If there is ANY doubt that you will be satisfied with a larger order of any kind, please order only one as a sample, then order the rest if you are satisfied.

How can I make an exchange?

Please contact us at Support@OtisBJewelry.com if you need to make an exchange.  Items may be returned for exchange, store credit or refund within 2 weeks of receipt, the buyer must submit a return request to us during that period for a return authorization.  Item sent to us without an RA number will not be accepted.  Exchanges can be made for another item of equal or lesser value after the original item has been returned to us.   If an item of greater value is selected, the retail difference and applicable sales tax will be charged.

Exchanges may be made ONLY if the item is returned to us in UNWORN condition with accompanying box and tags within two weeks of receipt.  Custom items cannot be returned for exchange.