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Beautiful Disaster

beautiful disaster 

“I think if you love what you do and the choice you’ve made in your life, somehow that drives you forward to enjoy it all. Even the chaos, even the exhaustion of it, and even when it seems out of balance.” Angelina Jolie.

   Chaos and exhaustion is our sentiment exactly, Angelina. Today, we looked at our desks and laughed. Because even in the midst of this beautiful disaster there is still no place we would rather be. At the Otis B office up to our earrings in charms, stamping supplies, mounds of silver chains, and children. I think that we create this illusion that life and work will be like a beautifully decorated red velvet cake (stay with me here….two things I love in this life. Convoluted analogies, and cake). We assume that if we measure the ingredients just right, mix them with care, line the pan with a backup plan, and sit patiently while our scrumptious fluffy masterpiece bakes….then voila! Perfection will exit the oven. But instead the kitchen looks like a bomb went off, and a lop-sided cake emerges. So we cover our cake in icing and pearl candy accents and present it to the world.

   Is it perfect? No. Our kitchen is a catastrophe, but we made it with our hands. From our ingredients. The point is that we tried our best…and even though our “cake” is a little out of balance…no one knows because we covered it up in delicious buttercream icing. Life is messy. The modern woman is supposed to be this picture of perfection. She should push out a baby and waltz into work the next morning with a casserole. At Otis B we sometimes have to take our babies to work, and usually lunch is a snack in between making infinity bracelets. So celebrate that beautiful disaster of a desk, cover the mess with icing, and enjoy the chaos.

Love OtisB

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